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About a Week or so.. Empty About a Week or so..

Post  Moshambi Hunter Frinar on Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:44 pm

OK guys,

Im about to do another big update very soon.

Mostly for these reasons:

Its got a new layout and color scheme so it will look a lot better.
It will be able to work on most browsers (but for sure the main ones...InternetExplorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera)
Also if I get enough time I am going to try and add in an events page where any of us could go and post an event that we want to do and such...still gotta nail down those details though.

Hopefully with these layout changes though it will be more accessible to everyone and you guys can use it more.

Sorry for the inconvenience Sad

But it will be fixed VERY VERY soon!!



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About a Week or so.. Moshambi
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